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Welcome to Synergistic Living, a healing and wellness space in Sun City, AZ. We are a group of heart-centered practitioners who offer health coaching, massage, energy work, essential oils, earseeds and many other tools to come.  The synergy of blending these different modalities helps to find the root of the problem and begin to make lasting and effective changes. 

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Each of our dedicated practitioners bring their own unique skills and abilities to hold space for you as you step into your wellness journey.

Carissa West Massage Therapist, Synergistic Living, Sun City, AZ

Carissa West

Founder of Synergistic Living
Health Coach, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master
Massage License: MT-08087

Meet the founder

Hi! My Name is Carissa West.

My journey to becoming a Holistic Health Coach, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master,  and a source for the highest quality essential oils began similarly to most people’s careers. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1999 at Eastern Connecticut State University, I worked in my field for a few years and started having health issues.  Traditional medicine failed to get to the root of the problems or give relief.  This led me to explore alternative therapies which helped relieve my symptoms.  Soon, I realized my purpose is to provide relief to others through offering holistic solutions to health issues so many people are suffering from.   

I fell in love with both Reiki and Massage Therapy. I first obtained certification in Reiki I, II, and Advanced with Jocelyn Lebowitz. In 2005, I completed Spa Massage Therapy training through the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. I am licensed by the state of Arizona, a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association. My training as a Reiki Master was completed with Deborah Corbett in 2008. I continue to expand my massage education regularly as mandated by the Arizona Massage Board.

I moved to Arizona in 2006 and married in 2007.  While we were trying to get pregnant with my son, I wanted to be prepared by learning all aspects of childbirth.  I underwent Doula, Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding training with Nurturing Hearts in Mesa, AZ in the fall of 2008. In February, 2009, I participated in a DONA Doula training workshop with Mary Langlois. Since then, I have attended three births.  Being a Doula is very rewarding.  I truly loved my time as a Doula.

While trying to get pregnant with my daughter in 2013, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. This certification tied in beautifully with the Talking Toxins Certification I received from Lara Adler. I help others create the healthy lifestyle they deserve.

After benefiting from using Young Living Essential Oils for 10 years I became a Certified Essential Oils Coach through Dr. Axe’s Program.  Educating others on how they can detox their medicine cabinet, toiletries, house cleaning supplies, and make-up to help their families live a healthier lifestyle is a huge passion of mine.

A phenomenal tool I utilize is the iTOVi Biomarker Scan. This tool assesses which Young Living Essential Oils and/or supplements clients may be needing to use to bring them back into balance.  This tool also reveals important information to help guide the health coaching sessions towards the right areas of life that need to be focused on first in order to get to a  balanced life more quickly. 

This health-conscious journey turned an exciting new leaf in 2021, when I enrolled in the Ear Seeds program to learn about Auricular Therapy.  Essentially, Auricular Therapy is Acupressure on the ear to help relieve issues such as Sciatica, Allergies, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD….. This is a treatment that continues to work as long as the seeds are adhered to the ear.  They are placed in a certain pattern to create relief for specific ailments.  

My passion is helping people bring more balance to their life by combining health coaching with massage, energy work, essential oils, earseeds and many other tools to come.  The synergy of blending these different modalities helps to find the root of the problem and begin to make lasting and effective changes.  This happens in baby steps; we didn’t get to where we are overnight.  There are many layers to work through physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I meet my clients where they are at in their lives so that we can work together.  No pressure and no judgment. My company is based on the belief that your needs are of the utmost importance.

We have so many areas in our lives that we try to keep balanced but life can get in our way and we can drop the ball in an area or two or three.  Let Synergistic Living help you design the balanced and healthy lifestyle you seek.

That is why we enjoy such a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals.

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massage therapist

Meet Adriana Gilcreest

Adriana Gilcreest was born in Naples, Italy. She grew up with three sisters and was blessed with a big extended family with whom she made lifelong memories. She moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona in 1991, where she married her husband and called home for 3 years. Since 1991, Adriana has lived in Toronto, Canada, Arkansas City, Kansas and Phoenix, Arizona, where she has resided for the last 22 years.

She has two beautiful and amazing daughters who are grown and out on their own. She presently lives with her husband of 32 years and their two dogs, Mars and Zeus. A few years back, Adriana, decided to leave her teaching career and join the healthcare world. She now works as a phlebotomist and a massage therapist. She really enjoys helping people and learning new things to support her family and her clients. Adriana loves to spend time with her family and is always ready to host events at her house. She also likes to travel and watch comedies. Adriana has a positive attitude and enjoys seeing people happy.

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Adriana Gilcreest Massage Therapist, Synergistic Living, Sun City, AZ

Adriana Gilcreest

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master
Massage License: MT-28523

Ashley Keyworth Massage Therapist, Synergistic Living, Sun City, AZ

Ashley Keyworth

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master
Massage License: MT-28924

Massage Therapist

Meet Ashley Keyworth

Ashley Keyworth is the owner and operator of Infinite Healing LLC. She works with a wide range of clients, including people, pets, equines, and other livestock. Her passion is helping her clients with their everyday health and wellness to ensure a happier, more fulfilled life.

Ashley started her path of wellness when she decided to purchase her own MagnaWave PEMF machine and became a certified practitioner. She realized it could benefit not only herself, her horses and animals, but also many other people and animals.

She has firsthand experience living with Hashimoto’s, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia, and has worked diligently to get back to the joys of her life through holistic healing and lifestyle. This experience has given her a deeper understanding of the importance of continuous health and wellness. 

Ashley is now a licensed massage therapist, Equine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Animal Neuro-myofascial Release Therapist, certified MagnaWave Practitioner, & Reiki Master.

Ashley is a wife and wonderful mom to four beautiful, independent teenagers. Her passions are her family, horses, traveling, and yoga.

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