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Our healing partners that we work with at Synergistic Living.

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We partner with amazing healing arts practitioners in the Sun City, AZ area.

Life Coach & Breathwork facilitator

Meet Abigail Luvisi

Meet Abigail Luvisi, a beacon of empowerment and healing. Certified and trained in the transformative Finding Peace Model and Somatic Breathwork, Abigail guides individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

With a empathetic yet powerful approach, Abigail invites you to embrace curiosity, release what no longer serves you, and reconnect with your innate ability to heal from within. She firmly believes that the key to transformation lies within you – nothing is wrong with you; you possess all the strength and resilience needed to thrive.

Abigail’s own journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience. Despite enduring emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse in her upbringing and navigating a toxic marriage that ended in divorce while raising young children, Abigail emerged from adversity with unwavering strength. Her experiences have shaped her into a compassionate guide who understands the depths of struggle and the journey to rise above it.

Driven by a passion to cultivate community, empowerment, and resilience, Abigail is dedicated to helping others reclaim their power and rewrite their narratives. Through her work, she offers tools and recourses for healing mind, body and soul, but also a sense of belonging and possibility. Abigail is here to remind you that no matter the challenges you face, you have the power to create a life filled with joy, purpose, and resilience.

Join Abigail on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment – where you’ll not only find peace but also rediscover the strength that has always resided within you.

Abigail offers:

  • Somatic Breathwork for groups and 1:1 sessions for in-person and virtual 
  • Life Coaching is also available in group settings and 1:1 sessions for in person or virtual. 

For more information, go to Abigail’s site at:

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Abigail Luvisi

Abigail Luvisi

Life Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

Christina Duffey, NTP, CCWFN

Christina Duffey

Certified Independent Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Meet Christina Duffey

Christina is a Certified Independent Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her practice is an integrative partner for adults and children experiencing nutritional and lifestyle imbalances. In addition to being an Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), she holds a certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition (CCWFN). Christina incorporates the foundations of health to explore root causes and strategies to address them through nutritional therapy, bodywork, and emphasizing gradual lifestyle improvements. She specializes in Heart Health, Digestive Wellness, Chronic Fatigue, Inflammation, and Stress Management with a focus on the Endocrine System.

Book with Christina here.

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reflexologist & personal energy trainer

Meet Doina Berger

Doina Berger, formerly an attorney, embarked on a transformative journey after a profound spiritual awakening led her to prioritize healing from trauma, pain, and stress. Transitioning from law to holistic healing, she immersed herself in the practices of Reflexology and Hair Mineral Analysis. As a Certified Reflexologist of Dr. Manzanares Method and a Certified Teacher of Reflexology, Doina developed a deep understanding of these modalities, alongside becoming a health practitioner affiliated with Analytical Research Hair Mineral Analysis and a Personal Energy Trainer (PET). Through PET, she reconnects clients with their innate energy, guiding them towards experiencing joy, excitement, and upliftment within their bodies and nervous systems.

Central to Doina’s approach is addressing the Autonomic Nervous System, where the Emotional System resides. Through a combination of Hair Mineral Analysis, Reflex diagnostic, Reflex therapy, and Personal Energy Training, she facilitates a profound connection between her clients’ emotional and physical well-being. She is also the creator of a three-step program, “Gut Spirit Lifestyle,” based on her book, “Guide to Happiness Boot Camp for The Twenty First Century.”

Doina’s vision extends to impacting over 25 million lives, aiming to become a prominent speaker in the realm of personal energy and emotions. Her mission revolves around utilizing scientific principles to enhance human life, helping individuals overcome past obstacles and embrace a worry-free existence filled with health and abundance. With a deep-seated belief in the power of the heart’s wisdom and compassion, Doina endeavors to liberate souls from the constraints of the human brain, fostering a legacy of peace and vitality for future generations.

Book with Doina here:

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Doina Berger

Doina Berger

Reflexologist & Personal Energy Trainer

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